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What kind of sites do you design, static or dynamic?

We design both static as well as dynamic sites.

How do you maintain websites?

We maintain websites by adding new content to the site, add new pages, add or replace the images or by removing them from the site or anything that you want to be visible on your website.

Why do I need a website?

If you have a website, make a lot of changes in your business improve corporate image, improve customer service, find new prospects, increase visibility, perform transactions, expand your market and meet customer expectations.

What is the average time you take to develop a website?

Every job is different and every deadline is different depends on a different factor complexity of the project, A static website usually takes less time than eCommerce websites or websites that require flash development. Some minor or major changes may increase the time limit. An average time taken by our web developer for a static website will be lesser than a website with flash and other dynamic graphics. Nevertheless, to develop complex websites such as eCommerce website takes a bit more time.

What design options you provide?

We encourage our buyers to be precise in their requirements and elements on the website depending upon what, we develop a few options. This saves time and money and fastens the process of web development.

What is the difference between Native App and Web-Based App?

Native app builds for some platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development platforms and are able to use some of the specific features of the device – e.g. Camera, Volume controller, speaker, etc. The Web apps work within the mobile browser and are virtually webpages that imitate the look of a native mobile UI.

Do you develop a mobile app for all platforms?

Yes, We develop apps for all platforms iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Whether you want to develop apps for just one or two platforms or want to develop an app that works on all the mobile platforms, we are at your service.

Do you also do the marketing of Mobile apps?

Yes, we do.

What are web services / API?

Web services or APIs are that alternative. By creating XML/JSON files from the database, we can use data from these files for user applications.

Do you also upload the application to the app store?

Yes, we also upload the application to the app store.